As an Entrepreneur and Business owner you have worked hard to build up a substantial business and brand equity.
It is only natural to wish to pass this legacy on to the next generation and keep the business within the family.

Have you considered the following:

  • Will you split your shareholding equally or in some other fashion?
  • Who will represent the family on the Board of Directors?
  • Who will have the casting vote at the Board after you?
  • Which of your children will manage your business? Will all of them be involved in the same business?
  • If yes what will be their job roles?
  • How will the share of profits of each business be determined?
  • Will your spouse need to be given an income for her life to ensure independence?
  • How can you protect your daughters and daughters in law?
  • What happens to the shareholding pattern in case of marital breakdowns?

Universal Trustees is experienced in assisting business families with setting up an Estate Plan. Our services include:

  • Assisting you with identifying issues to plan for
  • Setting up the Estate Planning objectives
  • Assist you in identifying the appropriate structures to meet your objectives
  • Assisting you in drafting of Wills, Trust Deeds and constitution documents of other entities.
  • Acting as your Co-Executor and Co-Trustees