Bringing up children and seeing them grow is immensely joyful. However, parents of differently-abled persons are often faced with anxiety about the future of their children.

While no one can replace the emotional needs fulfilled by parents, a safe and financially secure future can be planned for them. As a parent you have endeavored to do so, but are worried that:

  • Will the brothers / sisters or other individuals be able to devote enough time and energy to the care of the Special one?
  • Will the behaviour of siblings change once they have their own families?
  • Is it possible to leave a definite amount for their use exclusively?
  • What is the amount of money which will be sufficient for them?
  • What if I die before I am able to fully provide for this amount of money?

UTPL has assisted families with:

  • Estimating the money required for their maintenance, especially with respect to their physical and medical needs.
  • Arriving at an optimal plan to fund these needs and investment of funds
  • Setting up a Trust for securing their financial future and giving them independent means
  • Providing an additional layer of protection by assuming the role of Co-trustees along with parents
  • Facilitating arrangements for care of the child after the lifetime of the parents