NRIs may have real estate and / or financial assets in India. Often, these assets are held individually and are managed by their relatives on an informal basis.

While you may have formulated an Estate Plan in your country of residence, you may need to create a separate plan for India.

  • If the person currently managing your assets in India was not there, how do you plan to manage these assets?
  • Are you or the children likely to return to India? If not, who will manage the assets?
  • Did you know that the inheritance of real estate is also governed by the country where such real estate is situated?
  • Would the execution of your Global Estate Plan be held up due to difference in laws in your adopted country and India?
  • Is there an Estate Duty / Inheritance Tax in your country of residence?
  • What happens if the Foreign exchange regulations in India restrict your children’s ability to take their inheritance outside India? How would this affect them in case they had to meet an estate duty liability

Universal Trustees has assisted NRIs with their estate planning requirements. Our services include:

  • Examining your ownership documents for assets in India and assisting you with title clearance.
  • Setting up your objectives for the estate plan.
  • Working with your advisors in your home country to harmonize your estate plan in India with home country tax and other regulations
  • Assisting you in drafting of Wills, Trust Deeds and constitution documents of other entities.
  • Acting as your Co-Executor and Co-Trustees