• Have you given personal Guarantees for your business requirement?
  • Is your business embarking on a fresh phase of expansion for which it will borrow substantially?
  • Are you worried about your liabilities as a director of the company?
  • Do you want to protect your assets to ensure from the habits of your heirs – e.g. spendthrift nature?
  • Would you like to ensure that changing law e.g. marital laws do not affect your control of your business?

Asset Protection Trust is an effective way to plan for such requirements. We can help in customizing an Asset Protection Trust appropriate for you need.

UTPL Will:

  • Assist you in estimating the types of assets to be protected, taking into account possible risks of claims on those assets and needs of the family
  • Assist you in determining income requirements for your heirs
  • Assist in drafting a Trust Deed and set up of the trust
  • Provide you an additional layer of protection by acting as Co-trustees