The present day economic environment is marked by the emergence of nuclear families, increased savings, and ownership of assets in India and abroad which has resulted in social challenges. This has given rise to the need for reorienting the traditional ways of passing one’s wealth.

One’s estate consists of everything one owns, ”at the time one passes away “including one’s home, personal property, investments, bank accounts, retirement plans and any interests in a family business or partnership. Quite often it is believed that having joint owners & nominees in all accounts & assets is sufficient. This may expose your loved ones to unnecessary liabilities and hassles. Universal Trustees assists you in ensuring the distribution of your assets to the desired beneficiaries keeping in mind conceivable circumstances which include some or all of those mentioned below.

  • Children abroad but assets are in India?
  • Concerned about your control and shareholding in your company breaking up into smaller blocks?
  • Worried about the effect any marital estrangement may have on the control over your business enterprise
  • Examining ways of asset protection from a possible estrangement in a marriage
  • Seeking protection of assets from possible claims
  • Want to set aside money for charity but without taking on hassles of administering the charity?
  • It may be insufficient in estate planning for you to have joint owners and nominees in all your assets?

If you do not have an Estate Plan (“intestate,” in legalese), law of the country of your residence & citizenship will determine how most of your belongings are distributed, and the result may not be what you would want. These laws establish a ranking of inheritors as per the religion or geography you belong to, among other things.