Universal Trustees Private Limited (UTPL) has been established by eminent individuals and institutions to serve the growing needs of individuals and their families for smooth transfer of their assets to the next generation in a tax efficient and legally enforceable manner. A Team of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Trust and Estate Practitioners with experience of handling complex and sensitive matters will assist you with your requirements. We understand your need for confidentiality, sensitivity and reliability and have built the Company to meet these requirements. Based on the experience of the Company and the individuals constituting it we are careful about ensuring that the end objectives set out by you are achieved in a sensitive manner.


Estate Planning

Bringing up children and seeing them grow is immensely joyful. However, parents of differently-abled persons are often faced with anxiety about the future of their children.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection Trusts are an effective way to plan for such requirements. We can help in customizing an Asset Protection Trust appropriate for you need.

Execution Of Will

On the death of the testator, an executor of the will or an heir of the deceased testator can apply for probate. It is only after this that the will comes into effect.


Directing one’s asset toward philanthropic ventures in one’s lifetime is easy. Making sure your mandate and wishes are adhered to afterward are difficult.